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Examples of topics we have published in the past: igneous and metamorphic geology and petrology, sedimentary basins, stratigraphy, diagenesis, paleontology, geohydrology, geothermal, geochemistry and more.

Manuscript submission

Inquiries regarding suitability of topics should be sent to Executive Editors William Drake and David Malone at [email protected] or by emailing the RMAG office at [email protected].

Authors should submit manuscripts electronically to our Executive Editors ([email protected]).  Please indicate topic in the subject line. Manuscripts should be written in accordance with the RMAG Author Style Guide.

Frontispiece Photo Submission

If you would like to submit a Rocky Mountain geology photograph to The Mountain Geologist, please send an inquiry that includes: “frontispiece photo for The Mountain Geologist”, written description of the photo, and your contact information to [email protected]. Do not send the photo until we contact you.

Downloads: Author Style Guide and Publishing Agreement

Author Style Guide 2016

Author's Copyright Assignment and Publishing Agreement



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