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The New Face of RMAG

Published Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Welcome to the long awaited new public face of RMAG! This new website will bring an enhanced web experience for our membership with every click. The design of this website is uniquely our own, built specifically from RMAG, with our members in mind. The format is such that the viewer will have access to all things RMAG, from membership enrollment, continuing education training and event registration, and publications to the latest geological news, on every page.

Your membership profile will allow you to see your individual membership history, including renewal dates, registrations, purchases, and print of receipts for current and previous purchases. Registration for all paid and non-paid events is a one-click process to take you to the registration page, which displays a simple personal information and payment page. Gone are the multiple levels of click throughs to arrive at the actual registration information, and no more complicated forms. For those of you that still prefer to have staff register you, we will continue to do so. However, we encourage you to give website registration a try. Your personal information and credit card info are encrypted, and credit card numbers are not stored on the RMAG site, and we are happy to walk you through the process if necessary.

One new feature specifically for both of our sponsor types, individual event and Summit Sponsors, will be the opportunity to have news articles on the website regarding the sponsor’s latest happenings. Another new feature is the Advertisers section found on the menu bar on every page. The Advertisers section offers banner ads for purchase in various sizes. The overall RMAG advertising program will now offer both ads in The Outcrop and banner ads on the website, both individually and as a package. Watch for the new RMAG Media Kit coming out soon with all the details.

Still in the works are additional pages that will highlight individual members and committee happenings. Over the next few days, weeks, and months, the RMAG staff will continue to improve and enhance you online experience.


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